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Kids Yoga

Funky Lion Yoga Kids Classes are play-based, designed to meet kids where they are at and instill the benefits of yoga in the youngest of yogis.  In our practice, kids will challenge their bodies and their minds as they build strength, focus, and friendships.  Expect to move, breathe, sing, dance and laugh!

Funky Lion Yoga is a traveling kids yoga class.  We're a little bit funky, artsy and playful!  My name is Nicole Bartet Lofald and my  goal is to bring yoga to kids and inspire them to be more mindful, patient, and loving human beings.  We live in very erratic times right now and the stresses of school, home life and social media can carry into our children without us even realizing it.  What Kids Yoga brings to this day to day is a change in culture and climate for a child and hopefully, with time, provides a preventative way for kids to develop skills to acknowledge, accept and learn from their emotions.  The overall intention is to stretch your kids on and off the mat.

I look forward to working with schools, both with students in after school programs and in a professional development capacity to assist teachers.  In addition, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see where I'll be popping up around the Littleton, Colorado area.


Kids Yoga Waiver


the waiver and bring it to your first class.

Kids Yoga Classes

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“I'm excited to bring kids yoga to you and hopefully inspire your kids!”

Nicole Bartet Lofald

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